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Create Your Own Oracle Deck

This class is currently scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 (from 6-8pm central time).

Come Join Me for an Evening of Creativity, Inspiration, and Fun!!!  If you’d like to create your very own set of magical cards, this is the class for you! Not only will students learn how to incorporate symbolism and their own personal artistic style into a deck of oracle cards, they’ll also learn about different mediums, tools, and applications for creating a deck unlike any other.

Pendulum Dowsing Certification Program
Online & On-Demand (Recorded)

Program Class Listing:

1) Pendulum Dowsing for Beginners (2 Hours)

2) Advanced Pendulum Dowsing (1.5 Hours)

3) Pendulum Prescriptions (1.5 Hours)

4) Creating & Choosing Pendulums for Dowsing & More (1.5 Hours)


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